Archive - BBW/2/1

Britten's writings on his life and interests

40 Component Record(s)
Level Ref. Title Date
Item BBW/2/1/1 Gresham's school notebook c.1930
Item BBW/2/1/2 BBC programming 1936
Item BBW/2/1/3 American Impressions c1940
Item BBW/2/1/4 An English Composer sees America 19 Mar 1940
Item BBW/2/1/5 Activity list 1940
Item BBW/2/1/6 Biographical note and works list post Jul 1941
Item BBW/2/1/7 Au revoir to the USA 1942
File BBW/2/1/8 Conscientious objector registration material May 1942-May 1943
Item BBW/2/1/9 Draft for talk on Vienna Apr 1945
File BBW/2/1/10 Autobiographical notes 1945-1966
File BBW/2/1/11 Material for 'The Story of Music' 1958
File BBW/2/1/12 Opera in English January 1961
File BBW/2/1/13 Notes on composition 1961
File BBW/2/1/14 Biographical notes February 1961
File BBW/2/1/15 University of Hull Doctorate speech 1962
File BBW/2/1/16 Duke of Edinburgh speech June 1962
File BBW/2/1/17 Freedom of Aldeburgh speech October 1962
File BBW/2/1/18 Autobiographical notes 1962-63
File BBW/2/1/19 Dialogue between Britten and Pears c.1960
File BBW/2/1/20 Material related to Pravda interview with Britten 1963
File BBW/2/1/21 Introduction to Imogen Holst's ‘An ABC of Music’ 1963
File BBW/2/1/22 Britten Looking Back Nov. 1963
File BBW/2/1/23 Material for Eric Walter White 1963- 1964
File BBW/2/1/24 Material for ‘Time & Life’ magazine June 1964
File BBW/2/1/25 Material related to the Aspen Award July 1964
File BBW/2/1/26 Account of English Opera Group tour of the USSR Oct. 1964
File BBW/2/1/27 Expenses for English Opera Group Nov. 1964
File BBW/2/1/28 Draft of speech for Royal Philharmonic Society Nov. 1964
File BBW/2/1/29 Proof copy of Times interview Dec. 1964
File BBW/2/1/30 Book of Dreams 1965
File BBW/2/1/31 Speech for the Worshipful Company of Musicians July 1965
File BBW/2/1/32 A Composer in Russia Oct. 1965
File BBW/2/1/33 An Interview with Benjamin Britten 1966
File BBW/2/1/34 Russian grammar 1965-1967
File BBW/2/1/35 Speech for Queen Elizabeth June 1967
File BBW/2/1/36 Comments on Peter Pears 1967
File BBW/2/1/37 Draft speech for the Sonning Prize May 1968
File BBW/2/1/38 Radcliffe Award Nov. 1969
File BBW/2/1/39 Letter to The Times 10 Jan 1970
File BBW/2/1/40 Draft speech for Festival Exhibition, Adelaide March 1970